Possible to use Maschine Mikro or AD as a drum machine?

Hi All,
I’m just wondering…is it possible to use either the Maschine Mikro Mk3 or Addictive drums or anything in the Komplete Ultimate series as an actual drum machine? (like the old school drum machines people would use to provide a bit of backing for a small band that doesn’t have a drummer)

For example, I also play keyboard using Gig Performer as a Vst host for live gigging…but is hard to play keys + play finger drums simuteneously!

In one of the forums some of the users have been utilising a product called ‘Groove Agent 5’ Jam Mode feature which allows you to configure drum pads to 'trigger’various beats to play along with…

…it works with intelligence to jump between patterns at the correct time…

So for example you can trigger an intro…trigger a fill…trigger drum pattern A, trigger another fill…trigger pattern B etc…(video shows this below in Groove Agent)

Is anything like this possible with any of the software that comes with Maschine Mikro…or Addictive drums…or Komplete Ultimate? Thanks for any thoughts.

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I don’t know of a feature like that in Addictive Drums, but this sounds like a feature that should be out there. Well, it’s out there ofcourse if Groove Agent has it, but my guess is a DAW like Ableton live should also have features like this. Trigger loops basically.

Something like this might point you in the right direction? Looper Software - an Alternative to Hardware?

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Thanks Robert… Will see if any of those options allow it.

Gig Performer itself could trigger loops… But it’s this extra intelligence of triggering them at the right time…ie. Waiting for the end of the pattern…

I wondered if some of the Maschine software did this too

Will keep researching… Thanks for the clues!

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