Maschine Mk2 Setup Issues Help!

I recently bought Maschine Mikro Mk3. Windows 10 setup with Maschine2 software was straighforward and it works fine in my usual DAW Studio One Artist 3.5. I am using it with Presonus Impact for the QfG finger drumming lessons.

I liked it and so a few weeks ago I bought a used Mk2 with original packaging, DVD and registration card for the equivalent of about USD $30 on local facebook marketplace. The seller said t worked fine - it just wasn’t his thing and he did not register it or use the software.It syncs with Maschine2 but I can’t register it (the app says it is already registered) and it does not work as a midi controller in any other program (including Drumsynth 500 that came on the DVD). Also the midi output does not generate signals through my audio interface.

NI “help” desk advised that I will not be able to register the unit, update the firmware or install the Windows device driver until the original owner transfers the license.

“We have reached out to the registered user on your behalf, and are currently waiting for their reply. You will be informed via this thread once the reply is received and the serial number has been made available for you to use. If they do not reply there is nothing we can do legally, and the serial number will remain in their account.

As it has been a few weeks since that discussion, it appears unlikely that the licences will be released. Does anybody know a workaround? I am not that concerned about the money (it was only US $30) but I am hoping to use it for drumming as it as the pads feel great. Worst case, I’ll have fun making a grumpy Youtube teardown video with it. Thanks in advance for any replies. Cheers, Ben

Hey I saw this >> but since you already own a Maschine mikro mk3 with software maybe this won’t work either. You might need some actual hardware registration code.

In that case I’m afraid you’re stuck with the issue with second hand Maschine units… without the license it’s a huge hassle. I have never bought one second hand for that reason actuall (well also because most people selling here are greedy and want like 80% of the original price for some used crappy thing).

Thx for the feedback. This experience confirms the advice you give against buying used controllers. I am not particularly bothered because it was so cheap. The guy said he had been trying to sell it for about a year but got nowhere so he dropped the price just to get rid of it . Even unregistered, it’s a bargain!

Just to be clear what the issue is, the unit itself goes into midi controller mode using Shift Control combination but Windows won’t recognise it. The Maschine device in Device Manager has a yellow flag and status message that the device can’t start. I believe this must be locked out by NI.What is weird is that it works with the Mk3 software but nothing else. Based on forum posts I would have expected the opposite i.e. work as a midi control but not as a Maschine control unless registered. I will use it to learn Maschine2. I have an old Macbook to try too, I believe the Mk2 is class compliant as a MacOS midi controller.

I thought it would be good to let people know. There is a fair bit of disinformation on the forums that give the impression, go ahead and buy it - NI will get you going. That’s not really what has happened in this case.

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NI must be following this post :grinning:

This just came through:

Hello Ben,

The serial number of your hardware has been deleted from the former owner’s user account. You can now register it under your name:


Please use Native Access to register the hardware:

The software supplements belonging to the product will be assigned to your account within a few seconds after registration. You may need to refresh native access. The software will then be available for download in the “not installed” area in Native Access.
Best regards,
Julia @ NI

Registration succeeded and I have bucketloads of downloads available.

On with the show…

QFG rules!

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YEAH! Amazing, let me know what you think of the Mk2 vs mk3. I’m alway interested to know. If you actually pick the mk2 over the mk3 that’s some juicy info…

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I can go one better. I just scored a used AKAI MPD2816 for the equivalent of US $20! It was missing knobs and no software or packaging. I was planning to salvage the pads for an electronics project but it is fully working and the pads seem good so it would be a shame to wreck it. Plus Akai generously allowed immediate registration and download of a lot of the associated software package (including fully working MPC Beats). When I am more familiar I’ll do a 3-way review. I’m still looking for a parts-only MPD18, 26 OR 32. I believe those units had the pads as a separate module with a single ribbon cable to the main pcb. That suits my purpose as I will be able to use for my project without wrecking it. Cheers.

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