2 Maschine controllers - Maschine 2

Hello everybody,

I am new here on QFG and have a question that I can‘t answer with Google search.
Hopefully I can describe properly.

I just bought a used Mikro mk3 about 2 weeks ago. Now I found NI having a discount on the Maschine hardware and I would love to buy the Maschine Mk3.

Can I use two Maschine controllers with the Maschine 2 software? I don‘t mean using them at the same time. But I think to remember that someone wrote he wanted to sell his second Maschine as he couldn‘t activate both.

So help is needed.
Thank you for reading.

For as far as I know you can use both controllers with the software. As long as you have a license it should work.

The thing is that there seems to be some sort of hardware activation going on when first using a new maschine unit. You need to install the software once before it starts working. After that it just works.

But I can imagine that some people run into problems trying to activate a used unit. It seems to be a bit of an artificial barrier that makes it so that it’s not super easy for people to sell the hardware units without the software.

Also, there is a chance NI is going to introduce a new Maschine with a bigger screen. Were you aware of that? Buying with a discount might still be a great idea, but maybe you’ll be pissed if they release a new model soon.

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Thank you, Rob, for your answer.

I am all new to this music making and as English is not my native language my problems even get bigger with understanding all that.
I’ve always been attracted by well designed hardware and at first I only wanted to learn finger drumming after I bought an FGDP50. Then I found your channel and bought a used Mikro Mk 3 because it was affordable and enough for my needs. But my heart wants the Maschine Mk3 even though I will never produce music. Just for playing around and having a little fun.
Thanks again for your answer.

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