All videos unavailable because of "Privacy Settings"

Writing from New York City!

Every video on reads “Sorry - because of its privacy settings, the video cannot be played here.”

This was in Google Chrome - I tried the same welcome link in Microsoft Edge and it worked, all videos playing fine - starting the beginner course now - just thought I’d let you know! Might be worth adding a note like “may not work in Chrome” or smth

Been following you for a couple of years now as a lurker hahahaha - excited to get into it :slight_smile:

Watched your video about getting a part-time job with my partner - it was a beautiful video, and I’m really glad you’re drinking a lovely cup of coffee every morning! :smiley:

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Hey that happens sometimes and it seems that this is a temporary error over at Vimeo. So Vimeo gives out that error and then pretty quickly the error gets resolved BUT your browser still remember the error and will keep showing it for a while until you empty your browser cache.

Super annoying, but my guess is that chrome will do just fine tomorrow. Or you flush your cache now and chrome should work right away.

I have some other tricks up my sleeve in case an error like this persists by the way (like running everything through a different streaming provider). This has never been necessary so far though.

Thanks for this by the way, that means a lot! Still very much enjoying those coffees.