My Finger Drumming Learning Diary

Hey, @Robert_Mathijs! Just wanted to ask if it’s ok to share how I play the beats from the course on social media, but I guess it’s fine as there is a whole separate category in this forum for that :slight_smile:

I just purchased the MK3 Mikro about 2 weeks ago and started to learn drumming with your courses (they are super nice, I like them). So I decided to make short videos to showcase my progress

Here is my latest uploaded one from my Day 7 of learning. It’s the beat from the first section of grooving and improving

I know there is still a lot of room for me to improve playing that beat. However, I will continue with the other beats from the course, I found it fun for me to learn new beats and techniques. In half a year of learning I think I will replay these first beats and compare how I improved


Nice work! If this is day 7, the only thing I can say is: “keep going like this”!

I’m currently thinking about re-recording lesson 5 (the bonus one) and talking about how to play this with both hands (left hand on kick and snare and right hand on hi hat). Not because you have to learn that right now, but because over time I noticed some students want to develop that way of playing asap.

I think section 1 and section 3 are good beats to play that way as well. Maybe this might be an interesting challenge for you, but only do it if you feel like you need an extra challenge. Otherwise, just stick with my recommended way for now. More hand independence stuff will come in future courses anyways.

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Thank you! Never tried finger drumming before, but when I got the Mikro and set it up with Addictive Drums I instantly loved it, so I play 1-2 hours every day now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think that I will stick with your recommended way for now, however I agree that it would be cool if you introduce an alternative way in this second course bonus section

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