Beat samples or loop function?

Hey guys I’m new here!

Loving it so far! I was wondering if the beats that are being taught are able to download? (I’m literally just on the first beginners course) id just like to play along with the beat for as long as possible so I can get it down so its second nature. a loop function that could isolate a certain part of the video would also do! I feel like it would make me feel like I’ve mastered what I have been taught if I’ve practiced it over and over and over again

Hopefully this makes sense!
Thanks again.


Hey Grego,

In courses after the beginner course there will be downloadable practice tracks. If you want to loop parts of the video you can select the “Fully Stacked” video player in your user settings. It won’t be as fast and stable as the standard player but you can actually loop sections of the video and practice along with that.

Here’s some screenshots to walk you through the process.


Perfect! exactly what I needed. thank you!

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