After 1 week of training

Hello, sorry for my English (I’m French :sweat_smile: )

It’s been 1 week since I subscribed to the courses and here is the result in fun mode.
I am studying the lessons step by step, I am still at the beginning, but today I wanted to try if I could finally have fun, AND I CAN!
There are still a lot of mistakes, but I’m having a lot of fun!
Thank you for your great work Robert!

Here is the result


Who you gonna call?? Yeah, awesome! This is exactly the type of stuff I like to see.

  • Having fun like this from the beginning, playing things you like will make the process of becoming an awesome drummer so much nicer.
  • Also, figuring things out for yourself is a great learning experience by itself. As a guitar teacher (back in the day) my best students who achieved the most were always the ones that also figured things out by themselves.

Very nice, keep it up.


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Thank you for this message, I will continue to enjoy myself :smiley:

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Finger Drumming is really amazing :smiley:

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I finally bought Maschine MK3 Mikro, it’s amazing! The best midi pad I’ve used to date


Awesome! And also evry great to hear that the Mikro does its job well! Great value for money.

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Hope that y’all doing well just join the school couple days ago and I like the methodology, the guidance and all the knowledge behind this art form .

My goal is to play on top of acapella and different instrument .

I will share my first video to have feedback but I’ m having fun . The rule of 5mn and stop is helping a lot

Thank Rob , God bless

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