In love with finger drumming

Hi Robert,

A couple of weeks ago I was going to buy a Korg NanokeyStudio, but they were out of stock. I searched for alternatives, saw the NI Maschine Mikro mk3, searched in YT, and found your video.

I have been following your lessons for just 3 days and I have devoured the free content. It’s amazing! I am surprised of how quick I have caught up the lessons and I’ve seen improvement. But the most important part, is that is sooooo much fun! It’s not something I need to put in my calendar to remember that I have to practice, as a task. On the contrary, I have to stop myself to practice too often. So, I think finger drumming it’s something I am going to stick for a while. Not because the result is good, but because I enjoy the process.

Although, I have to say that all the credit is not to the classes (which are fantastic), I think I have been doing finger drumming all my life: in the car, on the table, on my leg… I don’t know why I didn’t discover finger drumming before. I thought that pads were used to create beats in a loop, and that’s it.

I will stay for a bit on the free content and then I will register. I guess the course “Grooving and Improving” is the next natural step, as I have taken the first free lessons.

I’m still struggling a bit with configuring HW and SW. I will post some questions in the forum in different posts, so it’s easier for people to find.

Thanks a lot for your fantastic course and videos!!!


Hey welcome aboard! I happen to know that master finger drummer david Haynes is the same as you. He drums on everything :slight_smile:

It’s a lot of fun and the more you groove the more fun it becomes. Be careful to not overplay and injure yourself!!


Thanks! I am very aware of ergonomics, warming up and stretching.