Thanks for the lessons!

Picked up finger drumming already pretty quickly and when my friend handed me his bongo i could immediately drum out a beat. Very well done lessons and i really enjoy the fact that you can visibly see you enjoying your self when you’re showing us what to do. Thanks so much!!

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Hey MauxFire,

Welcome aboard! Always great to read nice comments like these. And yes, I am having fun playing most of the time (just like everyone else I have bad days of course). What I think is most important is that whenever I tell students what to do, I do it myself as well. Sometimes I think of an exercise or a beat or something and then actually find out it just wayyyy to hard or frustrating because I cannot seem to get it to groove myself. And then I scrap the idea and come up with something else :slight_smile:

Have fun playing and I’m here if you have questions.