My Finger Drumming Learning Diary - Day 23

Hey fellow drummers!

I continue to learn and on the day 23 I tried to learn my first song and make a short video on it. The song is The Beatles - In My Life from the Easy, Awesome & Real QFG course. It is fun and not difficult to play. Thank you @Robert_Mathijs for such a great easy to grasp course


Hey thanks for sharing! These are great results in 23 days. I can’t remember what I’ve achieved over the past 3 weeks to be honest :smiley:
Also, nice extra touch in the video editing with the Beatles in the background there.

I’m happy to see someone enjoying the easy awesome game & real course! It’s pretty old and still shot on my cheap camera and my phone, but the songs are nice :slight_smile:

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Nicely done. I could see myself learning a song like this. I haven’t started finger drumming yet, but intend on doing so. I also play guitar and bass and could possibly end up playing all parts as an instrumental (I’m definitely not singing :rofl:)

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