Velocity Questions

Hi Robert and friends,

The velocity setting in XLN addictive drum2 has bothered me a lot recently.

When I practice beats with a full range of global velocity(from 1 to 127), the volume becomes very inconsistent. I am pretty sure it is not related to hitting pads with different strengths. I tried hitting the pad repeatedly, but the sounds seemed to be turned up and down randomly. For me, it’s more like a technical issue. I am using the Maschine Mikro MK3 pad without an audio interface device and the buffer size is 96 samples.

Does anyone have ideas?


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Hey Sam, the issue is not with the programming of the software itself, I can vouch for that. It probably lies in the translation of the actual midi velocities.

You can see which midi velocities your controller sends out by recording some midi, then clicking on the midi track and looking at the velocitily for each note. Youll probably find that addictive drums just responds to the midi notes and velocities that are fed into it.

That said, i usually set my high hat into some sort of lightning bolt shape.
From left to right, a pretty steep line up, then almost flat in the middle and then steep up again towards the right.

That way you even out the middle range of velocities which can help a lot with the consistency of the sounds.

I wish i could show you a picture but im abroad on my phone right now. Back on saturday.

Let me know how it goes and ill get back to you when im home with more extensive info!