Translating Videos to 64 Pad "tree" Layout

Hi all! I am new here, my name is Jake but I go by Stay Puff Raps.

I had been studying the QFG youtube vids and somehow was turned on to the 64 pad layout that kind of resembles a tree in one them. When using the mirrored technique, this is the setup I like. While using hands separate, I stick to the 4x4 grid.

My question is, that some (all?) of these vids (section 2 of Grooving and Improving for example) use the mirrored technique on a 3x3 grid with hats on top, snares in the middle and kick on bottom.

Problem is, in my setup, some of the pads don’t line up in the same manner. I have been able to play the beats no problem but in the fill of the lesson I pointed out above, I cant cross from CH to OH while playing toms without bringing my thumb up.

I realize that this is all relatively new so there may not be a real answer to my question. I just want to make sure that I’m not screwing up the lessons by gently modifying the beat to fit my setup. I don’t like to simplify things just because they are hard but I have no problem doing so if they are uncomfortable to play.

Thoughts? Comments? Smart remarks?

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Is there a diagram of the tree layout? I wonder what it is and what it looks like… perhaps I can shed some light on things!

my buddy sent this to me, I think he got it from you tho lol

also, in my setup the rides and the crashes are switched.


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I actually made another layout that basically feels the same as my 4x4 layout, while still maintaining that ergonomic tree feel.

I think with this layout you still get all the benefits but it will be easily translated to the 4x4 lessons.

So now the toms are horizontal again and I moved the ride bell sound inward instead of outward.

To me this feels like an improvement to be honest :slight_smile:


Thanks Robert! It def looks like an improvement from my side for translating the course material. Truthfully up until I began your lessons, I rarely played a tom haha.

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This one is a little more complete and includes a third (and fourth). cymbal option at the bottom.

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Hi :slight_smile: How would you modify it (move the choke/cymbals) to fit in the drum rolls on the sides?

I would put the cymbal chokes above the cymbals and just leave the ride chokes out!

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This is great!! I’ll link to this post in the blog article on the website as well.


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All 3 links appear to point at the same file: QFG.syx.

@drohnee Seems like a typical copy and paste glitch :wink:
I updated the links (see below)

The latest version includes a split into “QFG” and “QFG Full”.
“QFG” is the minimal version to get started without all the extra features (Open Hihat mapped to “HH Open A”).
“QFG Full” includes the Hihat and Snare rolls, Shallow Rimshots, prepared (but not mapped) Tambourine and a fader for how open the Hihat is (Open Hihat mapped to “CC Hihat Tip”).

QFG Launchpad Pro MK3 Custom Mode

QFG Full Launchpad Pro MK3 Custom Mode

Addictive Drums 2 Mapping

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For the QFG Full what drum sounds go to the new pads?

I see the fader on the top row, but what drum sounds are on the far left and right pads, and a couple other that are different than QFG non full version.