The ADD drums auto playing seems much louder than i playing to fix it?

hi, Robert ! Its low volume when i playing pads… but the auto playing from ADD drums seems much louder? should i set/Change the pad or the ADD drums (and how to …)… its an annoying question for me

its kinda low volume,But the ADD drums auto playing ,the volume seems high!

Hey Guoleyao,

The solution is different for different controllers in this case. What is happening is that the pad controller you are using is sending out a relatively “low velocity” midi note signal to Addictive Drums when you hit a pad.

Sometimes this can be fixed by adjusting the settings of the controller itself. I know that for example the Launchpad Pro mk3 has 3 different “sensitivity” settings and when you pick the most sensitive one, even a soft tap will trigger a loud midi note.

So depending on your controller that might be a thing. Let me know what device you are using!

Another solution is to adjust the curve inside Addictive drums to make the softer hits louder. Here’s a screenshot with an example of that on the snare. Let me know!

hey! apreciated it . im using Akai MPD 218,how to change the velocity itself. BTW i already installed 218 PC Software~

I only find out that has a FULL LEVEL key but is it the only way to change it? XD

Ah I see. With the MPD218 you cannot change the velocity on the pad itself. So you have to do this by adjusting the velocity curve inside Addictive Drums. This will take some tweaking, so you drag the dots a little and then hit a pad until you feel like it responds the way you like it. It will work, unless your mpd218 has very unresponsive or worn out pads (if it’s old).

Anyway thanks a lot Robert! like i said it is just like my begginer tool. hope i can keep learning

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