Recommended exact sounds for MPC?

Hi, can someone share a list of recommended samples to use on an MPC as default pad layout, please? Or a specific drum kit that already brings all the samples needed. I mean samples from the MPC factory content or the free expansion sets.

The Pad Layout lesson includes a recommendation for exact sounds from Addictive Drums 2. I feel terribly lazy about installing a new piece of software when the MPC content already includes many drums sets. I guess I’m not the only one? :slight_smile:

I have tried to put together some samples quickly, but they don’t sound very integrated to me, and there are some differences of volume that I would need to work out (e.g. hi hat way louder than snare). Therefore I’m taking some more time to fine tune my pad layout.

I’m also looking for recommended samples for the MPC! Someone’s gotta have an answer for us!

Hey maybe on reddit / finger drumming? or on reddit/maschine or reddit/mpc? I’m an expert at Addictive Drums, but as far as “one shot” samples go I’ve never found anything that feels right. Most people here will probably not use a standalone machine. You can probably just ask for a nice sounding acoustic kit. There might be someone there who knows!

Something like splice would be a good way to find the samples that you need. You can filter on the drum sample that you need (snare, hi-hat, kick, etc.) You can preview any of the sounds before purchasing and downloading.
When it comes to the sound level balance of the pads make sure you are using the pad mix screen for your drum program. Here you will be able to adjust the relative levels for every pad until you like the sound. You can even adjust the panning for each pad. You can even layer multiple samples for a pad. Another option to improve the integration of the samples is to use the mute groups. This way a closed hi-hat will be in the same mute group as the open hi-hat so one will mute the other and they won’t play at the same time. Once you save the program you can easily load it into any future project.
I hope this helps.

The Vault 2.0 which comes with your MPC has all of the samples that you will need. Create a new program and you will find most of the samples that you need start with Acoustic and I took the ride from the dnb set.