Questions about Steven Slate Drum(SSD 5.5)

Hi there,

I’ve been grooving in the course for about a month, and enjoyed it a lot.
Thanks Robert!

My hardware settings is as follows:
Mac + mikro MK3 + DAW(SSD 5.5 as plugin)

I’ve gathered several minor questions about the SSD5.5, and I think its time for asking some help:

  1. In the Pad layout course in the beginner course, Robert showed some ways of using the CC modifier.
    Are there corresponding things in SSD? and how to set it up?
    (I googled and searched quite a bit, but still cant get it done)

  2. Also, how to setup cymbal chokes?

  3. Im now in the “Grooving and Improving” course section 4.
    I should adjust the velocity curve for ick and hihat for the practice, but it seems that the curve isn’t adjust the same way in Addictive Drums.
    There are four settings: “velocity”, “range max”, “range min”, “dynamics” that is adjustable in SSD 5.5, but the curve cannot be twisted to something thats similar to the provided pictures.
    Any suggestions for adjusting the velocity curve in SSD5.5?

any feedback is appreciated!

Hey Glen,

So for the chokes I think you just assign a choke note to any button on your pad controller. They’re in the mapping menu. See those “choke” sounds?

The CC modifiers I am not sure about, but you can maybe try and clicking on “CC” mapping mode and see what happens over there. I do not have SSD5 so I cannot verify.

For the velocity curves it seems like you have to indeed work with these settings:

You cannot create that same shape make in addictive drums, but you can adjust the curve to start of slower and then go up quickly, or the other way around, go up quickly and then towards the higher velocities go less quickly. I think that is the “velocity” knob. You basically “bend” the curve, where at 50 it’s completely linear and then by adjusting the knob it bends up or down.

Range max and min are handy for for example your softest hits not being audible in a mix. You turn up the minimum velocity and all the oft stuff will be a little louder.

If you want a mellow sound, you can turn down the range max, so even if you hit hard, it will sound like the drums are not played with full force.

Finally the dynamics knob… Addictive drums does not have this, but I think what this means is the range between softest and loudest hits. So if you decrease the dynamics the loud hits won’t be as loud and the soft hits won’t be a soft. They basically move more towards each other, giving you less dynamic range which might be something you want sometimes.

Thanks for your reply, Robert!

I still cannot figure out how to setup the cc modifer.
But let me put the picture here and see if it gives you some hints about how it works…

I try to assign CC and change the channel/number in the Controller Editor, but it seems nothing works.

I hope there’s someone here who actually owns this program and also uses the CC modifiers. I personally have no experience with this whatsoever.

My process would be to figure out where things go wrong through a process of elimination. But that’s as far as I can. help you. I simply do not know. Sending Slate audio an email might be another option.