AD2 Pad Layout for Lesson 4, etc

Brand new to all of this and very appreciative of the help that’s offered. Been going through the lessons just fine without AD2 drums and accepting that my machine won’t sound like the demonstrations. Got to Lesson 4 and decided to purchase AD2 to be able to adjust the Velocity curves, etc. the same way is demonstrated. I’m using the downloaded presets, but the kit does not sound anything like the demos. Noticed that you’re adjusting the VC of the 22x14" Gretsch Round Badge. That one has a NO LICENCE msg in the box and says that it is part of Fairfax Vol. 2.

Just wanting to do whatever needed to match the demos presets in each lesson. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Hosh,

The picture of the velocity curve is just a random picture of “a” kick drum. It’s not tied to the actual kick that you use when using one of the presets. I believe the kick drum in section 4 is from Black Oyster.

I recently used the preset and it does seem to be the correct one.

Adjusting velocity curves can make a big difference with some small tweaks, so sometimes moving one of the points a little up or down or more to the left or right will change things. Also, different controllers output different velocities so copying the curve one on one will not give you the exact same result. That is unfortunately not possible.

The kit sounds and the way they are mixed should be 100% the same though…

Are you dragging and dropping the preset into addictive drums and do you then see the name of the preset appearing and things changing in the mixer?

Let me know!

Oh and one more thing: You do own the Fairfax 1, Black Oyster and Funk kits right?

Thanks for the reply, Robert! Yes, I do own both of those, and I’m dragging it directly in and see the name preset. It doesn’t seem to be matching my 4x4 layout. Do I need to change the mapping, and if so, is there a diagram for how it should be layed out for this section?

Thanks again!

Hey Hosh,

I see. The drum preset just gives you the sound. It cannot link the correct pad to the correct sound. The reason for this is that every pad controller can put out different notes for each pad, so stating in a preset that the C-1 note is a kick drum would not do anything useful, since the pad with a c-1 note might be in the upper right corner, or not there at all…

If you go to this lesson and then skip to the “linking sounds to pads” section you’ll learn how to do it in two ways, so you can use whichever you prefer!

Over here:

That said… I don’t think the pad layout changed from the other previous sections. So… if you already have those working I’m a bit confused as to what might be going on right now.

I’m not at home until january 7. Then I can plug in my own controller and play to test the preset out for real. Maybe there’s just something completely off that I cannot see from here.

Thank yhou again. I had already done the midi learn function, and think it’s mapped the same as yours, but just doesn’t sound right. The kick drum sounds completely different, and it’s throwiing me off.

For now I suggest scrolling through the other kick drums available and see if that gives you one that works. Feel free to share a recording as well. Maybe I can hear what’s going on.