Other drum software besides AD2

Why is it that the software that comes with Maschine not mentioned here? Is it really recommended that one use any software besides maschine2
In his beginner course the 3rd category is called exceptional situations: Other drum software besides AD2. This category’ being that you use a different software other than ad2 or are unable to acquire ad2 because of financial issues.
What are the cons of using machines home software?
List out as many as you can think!
What are the pros of using Ad2 or another drum software?

Im currently using Bitwig 3 and havent got the 12 momth upgrade plan to bitwig 4. So I am unable to use my mk3 inside my daw at the moment. Is it ad2 is an amazing experience being used as a plugin inside a daw.

The newer version of my daw as integration amd scripts for maschine mk3. So I might be a rare case in asking this?

The main reason for using Addictive Drums 2 instead of the sounds that come with Maschine is that the sounds that come with Maschine are basically just one shot samples. They’r designed for electronic / sample based music making. So stuff that sounds like “beatmaking” to say it shortly.

With Addictive Drums, you get these software drum kits that sound like drum kits. If you play them, they will respond to how loud or how soft you hit the pads and they will also emulate a drummer actually hitting the kit soft or hard. There’s also stuff like ‘round robin’ with samples, where no two snare hits sound exactly the same. Just like what would happen if you record real drums.

Instead of Addictive drums you could try the free version of Steven Slate drums or the Free version of MODO drum. Those are also drum simulators. I think Steven Slate drums is just a plugin though, so you do need a DAW for that. Modo drum has a standalone version I think.


Hi Rob, I bought SD3 a few months ago. Any good reason to use AD2 over SD3?

SD3 is great drum software too so no need to buy AD2. I like AD2 a little more, but thats mainly a workflow thing, not an objective quality thing.
So I guess the only thing you’d be missing is my Drum presets for AD2 :slight_smile: