Already own EZdrummer 3 - Do I need Addictive Drums 2?

Hey folks, just starting to look at finger drumming. I already have EZdrummer 3 with a few EZX. Would I get much benefit, specfically for finger drumming, if I went with Addictive Drums 2?

AD2 just had a 30% off sale, but from what I understand, it sometimes has as much as 50% off so not that fussed that I missed the most recent sale.

I downloaded the demo of AD2 and liked what I heard, but I also like EZD3. One of the funk loops made me pick up my bass and play along for probably 15min which I thought was a good sign for uses other than finger drumming. I tried a little bit with my keyboard (don’t have a drum control pad yet), and had a bit of fun, although you can’t use toms in the demo.

Hey Ez drummer is completely fine. Your main benefit with AD2 will be that you can copy the exact sounds I use in the lessons and playalong library. Apart from that any drum software will just work!

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