Muse - Plug in baby

Just a video test to realize that I need some lightning equipment (is a first take video so there are several mistakes)
Headphones recommended


This was very, very good! I enjoyed it immensely. Also, the lighting actually goes well with the pads on your Akai; it looks cool.

Wow thanks! I’ll definetly make a better version of the video but meanwhile I’m workin on System of a Down - Toxicity but that will take me a loooong time and maybe when the set up is complete I’ll make some tutorials to play them

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I’d look forward to seeing anything you wish to share.:+1:

I’m still very much a beginner, and while any tutorial would currently be way too advanced for me, it would still be cool as. What I will say is this, your video made me want to drop what I was doing and go practice some more.

Love it! Nifty little trick there with the index finger on the snare for that syncopated 16th note :slight_smile:

And it sounds great right… finger drumming just works. I knew that already ofcourse but its so nice to see other people do it too with real music!


Oh thanks for noticing it, there are some tricky ‘combos’ that took me sooo long to learn but you know when you want something no matter how long it takes.

Fingerdrumming works but I found some vital things that maybe we don’t keep in mind but was the real deal:
1- Tutorials: But Robert covered that in the best possible way
2- Confortable ‘station’: work with different elements until you feel confortable with the ‘‘chair’’ and the right pad stand height and angle.
3- Headphones: I’ve been playing during a few weeks with flat response studio monitors and honestly nothing compared with headphones, got the Shure SRH 440 for that purpouse (suprisingly cheap)

maybe it would be interesting to open a topic where we can share what we are using (besides of the pad) and how we set up with pros and cons.


Very nice! I also find myself preferring headphones, I think it’s easier to get into the groove because the sound envelopes you just like a real drum kit would.


Good idea! I use a standing desk by the way, exactly for this purpose. Im a big sloucher but the desk really helps with my posture, although i always start slouching again when i really get deep into the groove :slight_smile: