Muse - Knights of Cydonia (so far) + new light set up test

Hiiiiiii peopleeee!

I’m working sooo hard on a new channel and improving bit by bit but there’s a loooong way.
So I need feedback to end up with a proper content
btw 2:41!!!


The video looks blurry beacuse of the focus, that can be easily fixed next time


First of all, I really enjoyed this cover, post the whole track when you’re ready!

Since you said you need feedback and working hard on a new channel :slightly_smiling_face: , I will mention a few things. Obviously, everything is only my subjective opinion.
Your finger drumming is on point, I won’t be commenting on that. Anyway, you’re more advanced than me, so I’m sure you know what to do/practice in that department.

The sound:

  • Hihat has a good sound, but it’s too loud most of the time, in my opinion. Or I feel like it because it is slightly panned to the left? Can also be a matter of velocity of the pad.
  • I was listening to it with studio headphones, but mid-lows sounds slightly weak for this track. A simple EQ can solve that (if you agree).

The picture:

  • One of the reasons the camera is a little bit out of focus is that the doors to your left and right are closer to the camera. This also causes color problems, as the door is white and you have external lighting. I think the door should be avoided entirely, if you stay at the same place.
  • If you can borrow a friend’s phone for a while, you should set up a second camera that focuses on your hands/drumpad. You could make some cool cuts. You would probably need more lighting equipment though.
  • When you figured out a crisp picture (you might need a better phone/camera though), use a color grading/filter that you will stick in your videos, so your colors are somewhat unique and consistent.
  • You have two logos; one is at the end of the video and one is your profile pic. Even if they’re slightly different, one should be only an extension of the other, not entirely different. It would be easier to subconsciously remember your name/channel. Speaking of which, your logo in one of the corners of the video would be nice. Not too big or colorful so it won’t be intrusive.


  • Your youtube name is not your artist name
  • Your channel does not have a description
  • You’re not advertising your Instagram at the video description (and potentially, at the and of the video in a clickable format), where you hopefully post sick fingerdrumming short videos, etc. :slight_smile: Also, work in progress shorts on Instagram can help build up anticipation, and you can advertise the new videos there.

Liked and subscribed btw, I hope you can grow your channel. Still not a lot a lot of people are practicing this kind of fingerdrumming, so there is definitely a potential.

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LOL that’s a feedback hahaha

Soud needs better EQ and mixing and the second camera is a good idea but I don’t really want to change the screen in different sequences as the intention is to make it in 1 shot (no edit or faking) 6mins cover straight.

About the channel don’t worry, this is the test channel, all the covers will be filmed properly at some point but until I get the content perfect I wont start it.

THere’s a lack of so many things (the name needs something else) and the logo is so amateur, I’m thinking to include my weird finger on the name (pinky right hand) Something like ‘‘TheJackpot & the Pinky Funky finger’’

Covers is one ‘‘serie’’ of the channel, but I have a LOT of projects of year ago with launchpad and Midi fighter (Kavinsky, SebastiAn, Justice, etc…) and maybe some very short tutorials with tricks that I found during this time, but not reviews or commercial stuff.

And I didn’t get the thing about the doors, check the set up

The lights fall aaaaaaaall the time, so I fixed this way

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The header for the second channel looks good. As for the logo, instead of making it up from pictures, what about some simpler vector art? Logo is usually small on the screen, so all I can see from the small profile pic that it’s colorful.

And I didn’t get the thing about the doors, check the set up

Shit, I genuinely thought that the two lights are “sides” of white doors lighten up or smg… :smiley: Thinking about it now, it sounds stupid, but still, the two lights there are a little bit confusing to me. Maybe it would be better if the lights are behind the camera.

Covers is one ‘‘serie’’ of the channel, but I have a LOT of projects of year ago with launchpad and Midi fighter (Kavinsky, SebastiAn, Justice, etc…) and maybe some very short tutorials with tricks that I found during this time, but not reviews or commercial stuff.

Sounds good, keep up the good work!

Blockquote the two lights there are a little bit confusing to me. Maybe it would be better if the lights are behind the camera.

I know T_T one of the limitations is the room size, I can’t put any of this

Then I came with the idea of adapting a install led tube with cable and switch, but it doesn’t give that ‘glowy’ effectif it’s far, then decided to include them on the screen, but after the test I realized that is good but not that close.

Makes the video so bright and the color correction is terrible, I’ll try with a filter.

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I think this sounds and looks great!

You’ve got this interesting flow movement in your hands which seems to work great. Dynamics there at the end (snare) are also very very well executed. I know how hard that is.

So, yeah, be very proud. And if there’s one thing I can say in terms of feedback:
I noticed in the beginning just the simple alternating on the toms: I feel like that’s a place where you can for sure get those simple alternating single strokes even more tight and consistent sometimes. Later in the song this is already a lot better, so it might also be a little bit of warming up :slight_smile:

And just to be clear: It’s actually very good already, it’s just something that you can take from an A- to an A+.

My trick for getting those single strokes even more consistent is: Focus on lifting the non dominant hand up when the dominant hand goes down. That way they become like one machine instead of two different limbs.

I like this shot a lot. Very epic. The hardest thing about filming finger drumming is that you want people to be able to see what you are doing and you’re banging on those pads and you don’t want the camera to shake :slight_smile: I think this is a nice solution.

For actual tutorials you probably want a topdown shot as well. The al cheapo solution for that is use a mobile phone because its lightweight and therefore can be easily mounted without the use of a super heavy duty stand. I now use a big camera overheads as well which needs a big c-stand with sandbags as a counterweight… hassle…


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I blew my mind so much that yesterday I went to the brico store and today I’m doing a brickwall effect and building a mini stage on the studio, yeah a mini stage.

After some arduino tutorials I’m encouraged to make it like it’s in my mind, dont mind to ‘‘sacrifice’’ par of the studio for the channel.

Oh btw I came up with the final form of the channel and logo!


hahaha, awesome! Can’t wait for the vids to roll in!

Your stuff is really great, Jackpot. I’m a big Muse fan. I just learned about finger drumming… I mean I’ve always been able to carry a beat via midi with a keyboard, but would cheat and rely on overdubs etc. then I found the Quest for Groove channel two days ago (AFTER I had already ordered a Maschine MK3) and now I’m pumped!!

Had you fingerdrummed prior to Quest for Groove? I’m NOT a drummer (guitarist here). I can play some basic stuff on a drum set (like Nirvana) but not great with fills. How are you learning these Muse songs? Do you use scores, or do you have a more thorough drum background where it just clicks (no pun intended) for you.

Very inspiring. You are. This whole website is!

Rock on!


oh thanks a lot! I’ve played arround with launchpads before but just for sampling, had my MPD like two years ago but never played for drumming beacuse if you use it in ‘full level’ mode (no velocity) sometimes it bounce and trigger a double sample and that was disgusting, but then during lockdown I found TheQuestForGroove (layout video) and discovered Addictive drums so after learning some beats jumped to regular drum tutorials and covers.

and thats it, practice practice practice

atm I’m not posting anything else as I’ve changed the production studio for a youtube studio to make content properly going from this:

to that:

and running some tests

I’m posting all the process on and if you like muse I have another practice video and you will see the difference and why I needed to make a nice background and get a nice camera

So it’s just practice, I’m not a drummer or else (If you play guitar you arleady know more music theory than me lol)


Awesome!!! Loved it…

The comment in Castellano made me laugh so hard :joy:

Can’t wait to see the new videos with the new setup :+1:t2:

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