What gear are you using?

I thought I’d kick off the forum with a very general topic just because I’m curious about what everybody else is using. Besides, we already know that Robert has ‘everything’.

So what stuff are you using (and maybe why)?


Just started out a few weeks ago with the Launchpad X due to Robs recommendation. I was worried, I’d have to buy a Native Machine just for the pads but so far I really love the sensitivity of the Launchpad.

Also, 64 pads are a nice bonus :smile: and the real estate works also very well.

I was used to keyboard drumming before, so I utilize the same sounds as before but now it feels so much better. Productions are mainly done within Logic or Live and the sounds come from the logic drummer, native battery or bfd 3. I use Pro Tools mostly for mixing and haven’t tried it with the controller so far but will do so in the near future. I also orchestrate for film and just tried the Launchpad with orchestral drum sounds, mostly from the Spitfire audio libraries and it worked great.

What I love about the controller is that it provides a genuine realistic feel that translates greatly into the production. So far, thanks to Robs tweaking advice I quickly get the pads to work in every situation. No complaints here at all - Thanks Rob for all your assistance!


I also bought a Launchpad X a couple of weeks ago based on Robs recommendations. Really like the 64 pads, and although they are sometimes a bit small when using two hands after each other, you can ‘enlarge’ the pads by assigning the same note two a second pad.
Before my Launchpad X I was using the pads on a midi keyboard (Alesis V25), which was horrible. But it did let me find out if finger drumming was something for me.

Other gear I use (just because I already had them):

  • DAW: Reaper
  • Drums: Superior Drummer 3
  • Headphones: Shure SRH940, no monitors sadly
  • Audio interface: Fractal Axe FX III
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I tend to use my maschine mk3 and akai mpd216 about evenly. Got a launchpad x for Christmas but haven’t really used it yet, plenty to keep me busy with just the 16 pads

Ive changed the pads on my Akai to the fat pads from MPC Stuff. These do feel nicer than the stock ones.

I’ve also owned / used Irig Pads and Roli Light Pad M blocks. Still use the irig occasionally with an iPad as a portable practice rig though find the pads less responsive than Maschine / Akai. The roli light-pads look cool but I think there’s plenty of better stuff out there.

Hey Robin, I’ve got an MPD 226 and a 218 and I’ve been thinking of installing the MPCStuff Fat Pads. I’m interested in what you say about the MPC Stuff pads feeling nicer.

  • Do you find them to be softer or harder than the stock pads?
  • Have you found that the MPCstuff pads change the sensitivity or not?
  • Did you install the ‘Corx’?
  • How does sensitivity compare with your Maschine when you have the MPCstuff pads on your Akai?
    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply.

HI Stuart

  • Pads are softer than the stock ones
  • When everything installed including the corx I would say it improved sensitivity - I had 2 Akai MPD218 so could compare across both - have since upgraded both
  • yes
  • I’m not at Rob’s level but I personally found the upgraded MPD218 and Maschine similar. I alternate between the two quite happily and don’t feel that it is detrimental to my playing. Compared to the iRig Pads where I know that I’m going to have to hit them harder. I do get occasional double triggering but seem to get that on every device I own, it reduces a bit if I put a thin cloth between the device and the table its on

One thing to note though. I’ve found the MPD218 to be very sensitive to the positioning of the sensor sheet. I had to slightly move it around until I got consistency across the pads I was happy with. I suspect that I’l have to do this now and again

For me it was a worthwhile upgrade to something that I already had. I’m not sure that I would buy one from new and then upgrade it - I’d probably be tempted with a Maschine Mikro or one of the launchpad.

One last thing - Don’t bother with the anodised knobs available on MPCStuff at least not for the MPD218 - getting them to grip properly was a pain.

Hi! I got an Presonus Atom and three addictive drum kits when I startet Robs tutorial and I like it much and carry around it everywhere along with an old tiny apogee soundcard and a little battery speaker. AND also I got very lucky and won an Launchpad X and I have startet learning ableton which I have been wanting to do like forever. Fingerdrumming on the Launchpad is also fine but I prefer the bigger pads of the atom for practicing new beats.

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Thanks Robin. You’ve answered my question comprehensively. Much appreciated.
I really like my MPD’s so I think I will go ahead and get the fat pads and then let everyone know how that goes. Thanks again! … I’m really tempted next though to go for a Launchpad X to experiment with.

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I’m about to release a video explaining that if you have the extra $150, you probably want the launchpad pro over the launchpad x. They’re close, but after comparing 3 launchpad x’es and two launchpad pro mk3’s, my conclusion is that the pro gives you the best chance at the most sensitive pads and no accidental note triggering.

The launchpad x is still great though. And I think the extra $150 is only worth it if it doesnt hurt. Otherwise the X will make you a happy man.

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Interesting! I look forward to the new video. In the meantime I just ordered the clear fat pads for my MPD 226 so it will be interesting playing with those when they arrive.

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Is there a new revised 2020 version of the launchpad pro? I just saw a pic on novations site that looked different than the one I knew

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There is indeed a new Launchpad Pro - the MK3. Launched shortly after I had already purchased a Launchpad X :frowning:


Yeah, I didn’t know either until it was actually released. This time Novation did not send me anything and I purchased the device myself. Honestly, in terms of pad quality, the difference isn’t that big. The X is still a great device! Obviously, as a perfectionist, I always want the best one so I’d personally buy the new launchopad pro mk3

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Thanks guys for the info!! That MK3 looks great, all the added pads for Ableton seem helpful as well…I‘ll see if I can still exchange the X.

@Robert_Mathijs Have you had the chance to check the pads of the new launchkey series yet?

I only did this one video:

Launchkey mini mk3. Pads are very good for a small device like that! My guess is the other new launchkeys will have similar pads.

Thanks Rob, must have missed that one !

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Another Launchpad X user here. Just started with it, luckily for my price range I don’t regret getting it! Maybe one day I’ll get the Pro or some other pricier device, but it suits my needs quite well so far.

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Hi guys,

got the MK3 on Saturday and took it for a spin. I’m eager to hear what Rob will have to say, here are my subjective 2 cents comparing it to the X:

  • pads are more stable and less wobbly which results in better grip and more controlled finger action

  • pads on the mk3 are slightly smaller (1/2 mm)

  • pads are overall less sensitive (had to switch the velocity curve from medium on the X to high on the mk3)

  • velocity transitions are incredibly sensitive! low volumes weren’t that easy to play on the X without changing the velocity sensitivity. On the mk3 though it’s very easy and the pads transition smoothly from low to higher volumes. That’s a big bonus for me, tried it with orchestral drums and it felt like the real deal. Also ghost notes are more sensitive to play.

  • biggest bonus for me: on the X I had a hard time playing flams due to the fact, that the X did not trigger a second time unless you had lifted the first finger - that’s gone with the mk3, you can retrigger a pad even if one finger is still on the pad. It’s also very cool to keep one finger on a pad and just press the finger to trigger a note. Helps with low volumes.

  • Ableton integration is perfect, you don’t need the mouse anymore

  • There are custom buttons next to the kick pads which can result in accidentaly switching the custom settings

Have not worked with the sequencer as of yet, but there seems to be a lot of potential.

Still wish for custom velocity curves for each pad.

So far a huge difference for me to play more musically, highly recommended if you want to be able to play from midi vol 1-127. No need to change from the X if you play drums on a pop track.

Thanks again, Rob, for the recommendation.

I was able to get a refund for the X, shoutout to Thomann.

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Hi Ralf,
I had the same issue on the Launchpad X, but if you assign two pads to the same note, but on a different midi channel, you can trigger the second without lifting the first. I also had to disable aftertouch.


Good to hear you like the Launchpad Pro!
I actually was too lazy to measure the pads.

Heres what happened to me:

  • Just held the x and pro in front of me and concluded the pads were the same size…
  • or maybe… the pro’s were smaller?
  • Nah, it must be an optical illusion.

Haha turns out they are smaller :slight_smile: didn’t notice when playing though.

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