How to showcase the work?

Can someone share the easiest way to combine video/music and finger drumming recording together?

Inside Addictive drums standalone you can actually press “record” (somewhere on the bottom) and youll get a wav file of what you were just playing.

So thats the fastest way to record a beat. If you film yourself at the same time its actually very easy to sync up the tracks by comparing the waveforms. Drums are super easy because they’re very clear hits so youll see immediately where your drumming starts and you can then sync up the audio from AD2 with the video you recorded.

You will need some sort of video editing software to do this though…

I already figured that should I ever do some personal feedback on peoples performances they could just send me boh files and id sync them up myself. I can do it in 1 second inside Davinci Resolve.


So the backtrack is added as a separate file as well right?

Thank you!

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Yes correct. And then you could turn the “original” sound of the camera off completely for the cleanest sound. I do that most of the time but sometimes I leave it on so you also hear my fingers hitting the pads.

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I’m going to wrtie down to make a guide about this soon!