Freestyle practice session

I’ve been practicing almost everyday for the last 2 months and finally today I noticed that I didn’t sound like garbage so I recorded a little of my practice session to share with you guys, just some variations on a beat I’ve been working on for some time with ableton’s default sounds, I hope you like it!


Yeah man this is it! You’ve got a flow going, and I can hear “intentionality” in your playing. Which means I can hear that there’s something in your head that comes out instead of you being tossed left and right by the circumstances.

This is a real beat, congrats!


Thanks to you Robert!

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this is good stuff :slight_smile:
Kind of stuff I like musically speaking and the playing is good :slight_smile:

Great and inspiring performance!
I have the same controller. But sometimes it triggers twice or cuts the note. Did you have such trouble? Maybe there is some solution I should know?

thank you very much!

Thanks! Yes, I used to have unintentionally repeated notes and ghost notes on different pads, honestly it fixed itself just by playing, maybe it needed some wear on the components; but I remember the quest for groove channel having a tutorial on how to open this device and screwing the metal plaque inside to fix that particular problem.


2 months? And you never play musical instrument before? Then you definitely need to develope your natural abilities! It’s a very hard task to perform triplets with left hand while right hand playing regular 4/4 beat. Another complex technique I see in your video: finger doubles with left hand over 4/4 beat. These two “exercises” not for first two months of practice!