Minimal step for travel

Hi !
I think I have found something…

What you see :
Launchpad X
USB-C/USB-C cable
Android phone with Drums MIDI - Online Sequencer page

What you have :
A general midi drum sound with response to velocity ideal for training during a travel for work ! :exploding_head:

Not the best sound yes… but cooooool.

Robert, do you think you can take one of your grooviest drum session with and oldy general midi drum sound ? Just to see if it still GROOVE even without a beautiful “real” drum sound ?

See you !

(I can’t believe that I didn’t create an account years ago here… so… hi ! :wave: )

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Hey right now I’m super busy at work and have little time to record things but it just so happens that I’m working on a video about the standalone Yamaha FGDP-30 and FGDP-50 drum devices.

They are ofcourse a brand new very portable travel setup with decent drum sounds :slight_smile:

There are also some more electronic kits in there that don’t sound real at all and what I find time and time again is that yes, you can make those beats sound groovy but the way to do it is to actually play very very tightly on the grid. There’s not much room for deviation.

With a more acoustic sounding kit you have some more wiggle room to not play perfectly, with “fake” sounding stuff you have to place ll the hits in the exact right spot.

So for practice it’s not that bad. It will force you to work on your timing. I would however not just play with crappy kits. But for on the road… why not. A nice challenge, you make things extra difficult and then when you get home you can comfortably play some nicer sounding drums!

Oh, I was thinking that you’ve recorded all the midi data from a previous video.

But it’s very interesting what you say here about fake/real.
I will give it a second look, a second hear :slight_smile:

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I can send you some midi data, but if the sound changes it has a big impact on the “dynamics” which by themselves are part of the groove. So I probably would play differently with different sounds. So if the result is not groovy that way, it does not mean it cannot be groovy ever.

Do you want the midi of a certain song? I will see what I can do.

Wouhou , for science! :disguised_face:
This one:

Ah an oldie :slight_smile: I will dig through the archives… I hope it’s still there!

I’ll have some time on saturday btw. I’ll look then.

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Have you tried FL Studio Mobile? I don’t have one, but it might be interesting! The software looks interesting in the pictures and should work with a MIDI controller.

I launched a similar setup with G-Stomper Rhythm for Android, lots of configuration options for free :slight_smile: of course it also connects to a MIDI controller. I tried with LPD8, it worked.

The problem I noticed is that the controller is powered by the phone, which may cause it to quickly discharge.

In my case, however, I had a problem because my phone does not have a headphone jack and I cannot repeat the configuration like yours without a hub, and it is getting too complicated :wink:

From what I have read, it is not possible to connect USB to the phone, the controller and the power supply at the same time - apparently there are some phones that can work, but I have no way to check it. Maybe it’s not a big problem… the biggest problem for me was the lack of headphones, BT is out of the question :wink: so I didn’t do any more experiments.

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