Tips for no-velocity Pads?

Hi, I’m so glad with QuestForGroove. Really thanks for your Job.

I’ve a no-velocity pads (Novation Launchpad Mini MK3), maybe one day I’ll buy a better one.
Have you any tips to setup this kind of device. I’m tunning some of the samples decreassing volume/attack of snare and things like that, but maybe you can recommend some better approach.

I think it could be usefull, even some people can start only using a PC Keyboard before invest in some better MIDI Pads.

Thank for your time and for QuestForGroove.

Hry Banshee, welcome! My advice for pads that have no velocity sensitivity is to simply focus on your timing and hitting the right pads at the right time. You will have to adjust quite a bit if you ever switch to a velocity sensitive controller but i dont think there is a way around this problem. Timing the notes well is already a big challenge so i would try and make that work and accept the different sound that comes with fixed velocity. That just is what it is and there is enough to learn!

Hi Robert. Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep practicing hard and improving timing accuracy.
Maybe in a time I’ll adquire a better device, for now as you said is enough challenge hit at time.

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