Metal Kit = Launchpad Pro? Tips?

Hello! I’m just getting started but am super excited about it.

I was inspired to start finger drumming because of the playing of a traditional drummer–II from Sleep Token. Here’s an applicable song example:

He uses a pretty big kit with lots of cymbals and a bunch of articulations. For that reason, I’ve decided to pick up a Launchpad Pro (I think–I actually already have a Maschine Mikro MK3). Do you have any layout tips/adjustments that would make sense for that style?

Thank you so much for your lessons. Can’t wait to dig in some more.

P.S. I’m certainly not wanting to limit myself to just that style. I enjoy all kinds of other music and drum styles: pop, rock, jazz, gospel, EDM, etc.

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And here’s a pic of II’s super cool kit:

Hm. Maybe the FGDP 50. That thing has 18 pads but really it has more than that if you use the RGB pads. And the kick and snare pads are kind of the equivalent of 2 pads on the 4x4 setup. Intriguing.

Hey looks cool!

I like both the fgdp-50 and the launchpad pro (mk3 that is). I don’t think you will regret a purchase of either of them. It could be that the launchpad pads are a little too small and it’s hard to not hit the adjacent pads.

I myself do prefer large pads (maschine mk3). I can close my eyes, focus on the groove and hit the right pads without any trouble.

Just keep that in mind. I think there are multiple ways to get more sounds in your setup. On the Maschine you could configure multiple pad pages and switch sounds that way for example. I myself don’t feel like I need more than 16 pads per song.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your reply! I ended up ordering the FGDP-50. I love the fact that it’s standalone so I can take it to work and mess around during quiet times.

It’s supposed to arrive Saturday but we’ll see. FedEx can be unreliable sometimes haha.

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