Yamaha fgdp-30/50 alternatives 2024


I was searching the Internet to find a real portable machine for finger drumming.
I found only Yamaha FGDP-30/50 models in 250$ range. Is there anything else that could be used without connected computer?
I don’t even mind playing connected to power supply. The thing I want is hardware with its own software with decent drumming pad. Assume I can’t spend more than 250$.
Can you advise here?

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The Yamaha FGDP units are actually quite new. They were released in 2023 and they are the first ever units who have the functionality you describe. The FGDP-30 costs about $150, which should be within your budget.

Trust me when I say there is nothing out there that even comes close in terms of “a drumkit in a box”. I don’t think anything will any time soon tbh.

Check out my full review on Youtube by the way if you want to know the ins and outs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuqDS284Zok


Thanks for reply!
Of course I watched many of your videos on YT, but the one about Yamaha finger drumming models was published 4 months ago, so I thought that something new could appeared on the market. :wink:
I hope if Yamaha succeed, next new and better models will be available.
Someone must be new in the business, but I believe competition will show up soon to make better products.
I wish everything best for Yamaha for opening new path for new kind of hardware, but I can not accept this ergonomic layout of pads. I will wait for something more classical.

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All the other standalones are expensive and they don’t have the best “classic acoustic drum kit” sound. The best kit I heard was Ableton Push 3 but it was hard to set it up and the push 3 costs almost $2000!

Akai MPC live or Maschine + also go in the high hundreds, low thousands.

So that’s the reference we’re talking about and then the on board sounds of those devices are more sample, hip hop electronic music based.

FGDP 50 is the tool. You mau plug it directly in the mixer wit excelente output quality. FGDP 50 has “humanized mode setting” that simulate real drum touch. Please, see the manual.