Mikro Mk3 setup and AD2

So I was going thru your free “tutorial” and downloaded the AD2 installer and kit, then proceeded to follow your guide on setting up my Mikro Mk3 pads, and noticed the Toms and other instruments in kit are unable to “learn” to pads because it’s a trial version of AD2. So I have to buy this kit before I can basically start the course?

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Welcome to the forum. Yes AD2 needs purchasing, but there is a free version of Stephen Slate Drums. Rob’s recommended gear page is a great resource.

Yes, if you want free drums you have to download some other program. Up until recently there was Steven Slate drums free edition, but now that seems to be gone.

I found another free plugin called Powerdrumkit that I now also link to in the gear recommendations for those who want a free plugin.


Also describe how to enable midi learn inside that plugin in this lesson in the beginner course: Log In ‹ The Quest for Groove — WordPress

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