Metronome with AD2

Hi, I already have AD2 :slight_smile: My attempts are in headphones. I’d like to run a metronome. I don’t see such an option anywhere in AD2. How can I practice with a metronome and headphones and with AD2?

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In AD2 does not have a metronome. If you have a DAW it will be in there and otherwise I can very much recommend using a metronome on your phone. That is actually the best option. An external sound source is nicer to play along to.

My favourite metronome that will also help with developing your timing in the future with cool exercises is the “Gap Click” app by Benny greb. Highly recommended.

Great, it looks very interesting, I’ll read more about it tomorrow. However, it is not clear to me how it is supposed to work, how I can use it when I have headphones on and listen to the sounds from AD2. It seems to me that there should be some signal from AD2 or some other application on the computer that could be heard in the headphones. The concept from the DAW seems to be good, unfortunately it gets a lot complicated, I’ll explore that too :slight_smile: at the moment I found beats, of which there are a lot in AD2, it’s not ideal, I choose the simplest, you can set the tempo a bit, it works… This leaves a lot of room for improvement, such as preparing midi files for every tempo. All in all, I don’t know if it makes sense :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, with headphones the click on your phone would have to be pretty loud.

For DAW you could try and download Reaper >>

It’s a very advanced program but you can load Addictive drums into it as a plugin and then use the metronome inside reaper to play with and also record yourself. Which is very useful to see what’s going on and if you’re doing things right.

Reaper costs 60 dollars and you can try it out for quite some time for free.

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MIDI files are independend of tempo. You can adjust your BPM. But not every drum loop will work at all BPMs of course.


Thank you Fannon and Robet for the info, I will investigate further. I’m not fluent - yet :wink: - in all these compilations and program dependencies, and there are many, many of them.

I still don’t know how to create MIDI files… I would be grateful for your help :slight_smile: Maybe they are ready for download somewhere?

I already have Ableton Lite (I got it together with Focusrite), but I only had time to see it start… Robert wrote about the recommended Reaper software - it has to wait. I exceeded my budget significantly :wink:

Now it would be optimal to have everything in AD2 - maybe when I get to know the DAW, I will change my mind :wink: I looked in AD2 and in the TRANSFORM tab I can only choose:

  • normal
  • double
  • Half
  • 66%
  • 75%
  • 133%
  • 150%

This makes it impossible (?) to gradually increase BPM by 5-10.
I’m not fluent in AD2, maybe I’m still missing something!

You can also just use something like in your browser and then run Addictive drums alongside it. As long as both windows (or Mac) uses your audio interface as output this should work as well.

In AD you can either sync it to your DAW BPM, where you can put in any value. Or you disable the sync and choose the BPM value in AD2 itself, where you can also choose any number (by dragging on the field). You do not need to do this via transform.

(here I chose 119bpm)

If you’re in the AD2 Beats section you can drag and drop the resulting beat out as a MIDI file, btw.

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Thank you very much! I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you again!

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