Haptic metronomes

So, does anyone use a Soundbrenner Pulse or similar haptic metronome to play? It just occurred to me that this could be the perfect way to stay in time for a performance without needing the audible metronome click. I was looking for an app for my apple watch that might be able to do this and sync with ableton, but I haven’t found any, but the Soundbrenner Pulse (which is a standalone device, not an app) does sync with ableton apparently - if anyone knows a haptic metronome app that works with both apple watch and ableton, let me know!


I’m curious about this tuff too. It should be possible to make an app if the watch can vibrate…

Did a bit more searching and there just don’t seem to be anything that exists that works with Apple Watch and can sync with Ableton at this time. It’s definitely an opportunity for some app developer out there. If you just want to use a regular metronome without ableton link, there are two with extremely similar names (but they definitely are different apps), Haptik and Haptick

I spent a dollar to test these apps and I’d say that the vibration on the apple watch might not be good enough to feel really clearly while you’re also whacking some pads. This video from Soundbrenner kind of confirms this. So I might pick up their device after all, even though I already have the apple watch… Apple Watch vs Soundbrenner Pulse - The Vibration Face Off!!! - YouTube

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I wonder if a cheaper alternative could be to just put your phone in your lap or under your thigh while sitting and have a haptic metronome app trigger the phone’s much stronger vibration ability.

By no means is it elegant, but it’s cheap!

Edit: There seems to be no such Android app that’s still being actively updated. :confused:

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