Follow metronome issue

Hi there, more questions :slight_smile:
I have a little problem with metronome… as long as the tempo is low (say 75bpm tops) I’m able to follow along relatively accurately (large room for improvement but that kind of works, still).
However when reaching 80bpm, I have real difficulties to not lose the lock after a couple of measures…
Funny thing is that for a specific pattern, I fail to play it along with metronome at 80bpm but when I try without metronome, I make it happen and I know I’m playing faster than 80bpm.
Mystery :slight_smile:
Any idea why that happens and a poential solutions to improve this?
thanks !

Could be all sorts of weird reasons for this, but my main advice would be to count out loud while playing. You might want to check out the “Hit the gym” course, which is built to help you learn how to not lose the metronome actually. :slight_smile:

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Counting out loud is actually kind of difficult for me so I guess you’re spot on.
Probably just practice and get my inner clock better.
Thanks for pointing the relevant course Rob :slight_smile:

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Counting is so hard, that’s why I know it must be doing some good. I think you said you said somewhere that a “chk” sound could work too. I switched to just a sound and it helped me make the step to counting. It sure helped my timing. I cannot believe how hard counting is in the Bossa Nova lessons.

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Yeah it’s hard. I wasn’t able to do it throughout my conservatory career as a guitar player. It is something I wish I had given priority though.

It’s “hard” also because you basically need to practice it again with each rhythm or pattern you’re playing. It does get easier over time though, even with more complex patterns.

When I just want to have fun and play I honestly don’t do it because sometimes it’s just not worth it to ruin the fun. But… if I want to get something right (like recording a performance and actually having to do it well) I make the counting part of the practice routine.

what do you mean by “chk” sound?

Somehow good to hear it’s not something “natural”. I was a bit concerned when I saw Rob count so easily in the lessons :slight_smile:

I do intend to perform live to play my own pieces of drums along with my synths sequences (1 man band), so I really need to work on my timing.

I also have some difficulties to know when to start the fills, breaks and pattern switch at the right moment so I guess counting will help with that too.

And it is particularily difficult for me as I also use my left hand to play the hats and my right hand to play kick & snare because I also want to work on my hands independence which requires some focus. Counting on top increases difficulty a lot.
So I’ll probably do some counting exercices when my hands/fingers movements are OK in order to do it step by step…

Thanks guys, that’ helpful insights :slight_smile:

I demonstrate it in one of the first lessons of the Hit the gym course!