Gap Tracks or Metronome Markings for Backing Tracks


I finished Grooving and Improving and have moved on to Time and Time Again. Now I have these diva requests for the backing tracks!

What I want is the gap tracks (with click on e or a) from lesson 2 of Time and Time Again but applied to the backing tracks from Grooving and Improving.

All I need are the metronome markings for all backing tracks and I could sample them and create it myself.

I am an experienced bass player who has payed with the click for years but aside from practicing bebop, I have never taken it off of the one. Watching a drummer on youtube explaining why it is important for YOU to mark the downbeat blew my mind.

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Hey! I do have tracks with the click on the afterbeat actually. They’re always in the “Bonus Challenges” lesson of each section.

The reason for this is that at this point in many students journey it’s a bridge too far to make them play along to those other metronome’s so I made it a bonus option. I believe every song has them except for section 6, which has a way more challenging “beat shifting” exercise.

The metronome does not shift 16th notes, but I think these backbeat clicks will already help you a lot!

Oh and I’ll go look for the metronome tempos for you.

Ok, I did this quickly by using my “Live BPM” app on my phone because I just switched laptops and have to dig to find the actual old project files.

I think this is accurate though:
Grooving & Improving song tempo’s

1: 102bpm

2: 86bpm

3: 110bpm

4: 68 bpm

5: 86 bpm

6: This ones a little harder to figure out quickly I think its like 55.5 bpm or something?

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@Robert_Mathijs. As all my kits are built into a drum rack in Ableton, a I drag the audio files onto an audio track. This way I can vary the tempo myself, start slower and build up. This is useful though, something to aim for in some cases. I’ll probably drop 4 down a little, I am currently trying to play that at 75 bmp which is a challenge. Thanks for the heads up. :smiley:

thank you for posting those tempos. I will probably just let ableton warp them if you don’t have the OG bounced tempo.

Playing with the click on the upbeat is not too difficult for me. It feels good. The 2nd and 4th 16th however is one of the most challenging musical things I have done all year.

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