Maschine Mk3 features in MIDI mode

When using in Midi mode with e.g. AD2, do all the other knobs and buttons of the Mk3 become redundant. I note most of the MK3 manual has sreenshots of the Maschine software, rather than the device?

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All the buttons and knobs become midi CC controllers or midi notes. So you can still use them to do whatever you want. But you do have to assign them yourself in whatever software you use. I personally hardly use any of the knobs or buttons. I like the big maschine mk3 mainly because the screens display which pads I hit, which is nice when filming tutorials.

Some things you can do with the buttons:

  • Cymbal chokes
  • A rare sound like a vibraslap, which does not need repeat hitting.

Some things to do with the knobs:

  • Snare stick position
  • Open hi hat amount of openness
  • Ride stick position