Maschine Mikro Mk3 & NI Studio Drummer

I’m trying to get my pad controller to work with the Native Instruments drums.
It worls perfectly with Superior Drummer 2 and Addictive drums…
when I go into Kontakt / Studio Drummer…most of the pads don’t work…a couple do.
I can also see a flashing a midi signal…but very few of the pads correspond with whatever NI wants…

Does anyone know if it is possible to customise the NI drum sets…or learn the pad controller like you can in Addictive drums?

I can also go into the Controller editor of the Mikro…and I can see for example that my Mikro is set to C#1…but how do I tell Native instruments to use C#1 for the kick?

The only other option I can think of is going into the Mikro controller and changing it to match what Studio Drummer wants…(which is also hard to figure out) but I really want to keep the same Midi channel setup I have for the other drum software. Thanks for any clues!

Hey Mavoz,

I think you should check out this page: Log In ‹ The Quest for Groove — WordPress and then the “Abbey Road” tab. Studio drummer I think works the same way.

Thanks Robert,

Will check that out and see how I go…

Discovered that tab last night and the presets for ‘Addictive drums’ were getting more pads to work… But couldn’t see how I could customise my own placement. So hopefully that guide will do the trick!



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Hi Robert…thanks for the tips in that doc…that did the trick.

For some reason the ‘Midi learn - select by midi’ option didn’t work…but I was able to dial in the correct keyboard note numbers by looking at the Mikro Control panel…and reassigning them in NI…

Only slightly annoying thing is when you save a preset…this only applies per individual drum vst…so had to reprogram them for all the various NI drumsets!

But the good news is that along with the 6 x kits with Addictive drummer + Superior Drummer + Ni Studio drummer, Abbey road, Modern drummer…I have more than enough percussive options!!

(The NI sets actually have a few bonus articlations within their drumsets which is nice)

Anyway thanks Robert…well and truly setup…just need to keep finger drumming!! Thank you.

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