I'm loving the engagement over here

I just wanted to say that the messageboards have been quite active for some time now and that makes me very happy. I’m no longer the only one voicing my opinion on things or just answering questions.

I feel like this is a very nice change from a while ago and it really turns these message boards into a publicly available pool of finger drumming knowledge and “banter”.

Thanks to everyone who’s been contributing!


Thank you! for being always available to help everyone out.

Btw, I love the new “Playalong Library” - Straight to the point, no talk :fire:

I guess it’s a much faster and convenient way to keep growing the studying material, and it’s perfect for us students that already went through most of the courses, cause there is new material coming faster.
Lmao Robert, you are such a perfectionist and a caring person that there are 3 different speeds, each one with 3 different volumes. Got to love this man for his work and teaching method!

Keep it up man !!! :heart: