Request: add the BPM next to the download buttons


I’m in section 2 lesson 2 right now of grooving and improving. Really enjoying the course and already made some music with what i’ve learned, so i’m alreadyu very happy. Just a small request: Do you think it would be possible to put the BPM’s off the sections next to the buttons (or embed them if you want to get really fancy :sunglasses:)?

I want to load the backing tracks into my DAW to record what I play along, so I can keep track of what parts are difficult and how far off I am at certain points. Right now I have to BPM match by ear however which kind of distracts me from my practice (since i only have 20 minutes each day i want to make the most of it).

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Hey good idea! Unfortunately, the slowed down versions don’t have a clear bpm. when I created the course I did not plan ahead for this and ended up simply stretching the finished tracks “by ear”. So those slower tracks could very well be “96.7863 bpm” or something.

The originals I should be able to find.

Please note that in future courses and especially the playalong library, BPM is reported for each track.

Let me figure this out today for Grooving & Improving though.

Well… I did figure out the “real” tempo of each song. The backing clicks and stuff will be a bit of a pain to figure out… I think my stupid past self just changed the tempo of the project, then rendered it out and then changed it again for another tempo etc. without writing down what the bpm was… I guess I’m much wiser now at the age of 37 than I was at the age of 33…

Here’s the list of “main tempo’s”, will get back to you about the rest:
Section 1: 102bpm

Section 2: 86bpm

Section 3: 110bpm

Section 4: 68bpm

Section 5: 86bpm

Section 6: 85bpm

Awesome. Thanks for your quick response. Your passion for this course is inspiring!

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I have the bpm for the click tracks of each section. Please note that section 6 is a bit weird because it has these different cross rhythms and it depends on which beat you play, what the count is (6/8 or 12/8) so the tempo is a bit hard to determine… you quickly end up with cross rhythms.

Section 1:
Fast: 102bpm
Medium: 93bpm
Slow: 85bpm
Very slow: 77bpm

Section 2:
Fast: 86bpm
Medium: 80bpm
Slow: 74bpm
Very slow: 64bpm

Section 3:
Fast: 110bpm
Medium: 103bpm
Slow: 96bpm
Very slow: 82bpm

Section 4:
Fast: 68bpm
Medium: 63bpm
Slow: 58bpm
Very slow: 50bpm

Section 5:
Fast: 86bpm
Medium: 81bpm
Slow: 76bpm
Very slow: 66bpm

Section 6:
Fast: 170bpm (or 56,666666667 for the slow click)
Medium: 158 (or 52,6666666667 for the slow click)
Slow: 146bpm (or 48,6666666667 for the slow click)
Very slow: 126bpm (or 42 for the slow click)

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It’s done! Each lesson should now have bpm info where that’s relevant.

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