Fills in Lesson 3, Section 2 (Grooving and Improving)

Hi Robert,

I’m practicing with the beat in Section 2 with the backing tracks provided in Lesson 3. With the lessons before, it was kind of easy to expect where the fills were coming in just by listening. With this one, it’s a little hard to tell and it kind of throws me off when it does come in, because sort of comes in at an unexpected part.

I tried to count each bar - I think usually fills come in after 8 or 16 bars, but it wasn’t the case with this track.

I have no problem playing the beat on time, just wanted to provide a feedback.

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Ah thanks for the feedback, I will take this with me when I re-record the lessons with a better camera (content will not change, so no worries you’re not learning anything different at the moment).

What I would tell you now is this: Just throw in that fill when it suits you. The backing track will only place one at the very end of each full loop, but you can do it more often and that will be completely fine and good practice.

Good luck and let me know if there are more things you run in to!

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