First time here and time to hype QRG

Damm if I would found your sites when I first time tryed this hoppy. All I did find was Melodics and that didnt help me at all. It was fun for a while but didn’t really teach anything. Day with you and it’s done more than 2months in Melodics.

After I make up my mind and choose pads for me, its time to support you too.
Atm im starting with MPD218, but wondering if I change to Mikro MK3.


Welcome to the boards here @mps15 :slight_smile:

I had a very similar experience to yours, starting with Melodics and finding Q4G around March of last year.


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Welcome @mps15, I have the Machine Mikro. The Pads are good on that device. It does depend really on what else you intend to do or want to do with it. For example, apart from really good finger drumming practice, most of the other fuctions on the device don’t really work that well in my DAW (Ableton). The Machine Mikro comes alive when you open up the Native Instruments DAW software either as a stand alone application or via VST in your DAW.

If your main requirement is for finger drumming, I don’t think that you will be dissapointed. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well my first goal was to make couple covers with Ableton. Then I realised that I have no idea how to use my pads. After that began googling and now im into finger drum. After i can manage more than basic beat im gonna continue with beat making.

Im still pretty new with Ableton, so it wouldnt be live changing to swap software. Ableton is just so easy :stuck_out_tongue:


@mps15 - Hi Mike, I would stick with Ableton as a DAW I think that it is one of the top 5 (probably 3). It is a shame that Native Instru haven’t produced a ‘script’ for the Machine Mikro to work properly with Ableton but there are things that you can do. In case you haven’t found out, you have to setup up all your controllers in all the Native software as stand alones before they will work in Ableton with the controllers via VSTs. I watched a good Vid on YouTube not that long ago about how to drop Native Drum sounds onto an Ableton Drum Rack. Thats how I basically setup the Mikro for finger drumming. I have on saved project for finger drumming, it has several tracks with different kits setup in the Quest for Groove format. I can then drop Robs backing tracks onto another track to practice with. Not all is lost, I would keep them both really. When you want to expand to 64 pads, go for a launchpad x or pro as they work and control Ableton fully. Good luck, stick at it. Its great fun. :+1:


Hey welcome aboard! I hope you’ll have a great time here, having fun, making music and learning a lot!


Thanks Robert :slight_smile:
Feels so good to be part of group when the fountrya himself is active :))


I’m a finger drumming noob, however I did try the MPD226 and MPC Studio and returned them because the Mikro had more sensitive pads that made the Akai’s seem crap honestly.

I agree with @ivanclarke that the Maschine 2 software is how to get the most from the Mikro. I got a Mikro just for the pads and liked the software and integration so much I’m returning it and already bought the bigger Maschine mk3 for the extra screens and knobs.

The Launchpad X and the tiny Xjam were the other two pad controllers I tried. Their pads aren’t as sensitive as the Mikro and the 8x8 grid on Launchpad was just more annoying lights and not suited to my home studio workflow.

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