Drum-along tracks?

Hi folks

I’ve been adding to my practice by playing along with Youtube videos from Drumless - these are pretty good (they’re the original tracks without drums), but they lack a click track, which makes them, er, challenging at times. Also, if I read the Drumless channel info right, he’s taking the tracks from video games or other sources that have the originals, so I’d expect his videos to be taken down under copyright hits at some point.

I hear that Drumeo have a library of tracks to play along with; has anyone tried them, and are they any good?


I’m not sure about the extra value that Drumeo offers here.

They provide a Smells Like Teen spirit demo on this page:

And it’s just a link to the original on YouTube and then the Drumless version in this case is something I could also achieve by using the iZotope music rebalance tool or something. Which does not sound the best.

And… no metronome either?