Cymbal won't crash? Ad2 and Maschine Mikro?

Just received my brand new Maschine Mikro…seems great so far…progamming it up according to Quest for Groove video…but have struck a perplexing problem with the cymbals…

They just won’t learn to ‘crash’…they stay in choked position…

What I’ve tried…

  1. Click on Cymbal 1…and mouse click on cymbal graphic…beautiful crash sound.
    2.) Click on ‘Learn’ next o Cymbal 1…and then top right pad on Maschine Mikro…the sound just plays in choke position…not with a crash
    3.) Interestingly if I go to ‘Cym Chokes’ and turn off the orange setting that says ‘Cymbal choke on aftertouch’…it then plays a crash fine…but I’m assuming you are supposed to be able to use ‘aftertouch’ to do this? Or are you meant to turn off the orange ‘Cymbal Choke on aftertouch’ option…

.or do I have a problem with some other setting.

Thanks for any suggestions on what could be wrong…or if this is normal behaviour…am a little confused about how this is supposed to work!

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Hey Mavoz,

You actually figured out the solution. The “choke on aftertouch” setting should not be enabled because that will cause the cymbal to stop sounding as soon as you give the cymbal pad a “fat” hit where you dont immediately lift your hand. So that will not work.

If you want to be able to choke cymbals I always suggest people to assign one of the “normal” buttons for that. In midi mode, all the buttons on the maschine mikro are notes as well so you can use midi learn, select cymbal choke and then press a button.

This way you can still have chokes but in a more controlled way. Aftertouch for choking is just not a reliable solution when finger drumming I’m afraid.

I hope this clears thing up for you!


Thanks Robert…as I’m new to it all…wasn’t sure if that was normal behaviour or not! Thank you.

Anyway have got it all programmed up now running beautifully in Reaper as my DAW…so now to get stuck into all your lessons and see if I can become a ‘drummer’…just brushing up on a few obigatory drummer jokes to get myself prepared!


Haha, I actually haven’t looked into drummer jokes as of yet. I can make some educated guesses about singers counting in at the wrong tempo and bass solos or something :slight_smile:

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lol…turns out some of the jokes aren’t that funny…

What did the drummer say to the band leader?
“Do you want me to play too fast or too slow?”

Anyway as a keyboardist…I have full respect for drummers!

Hey Robert…bit off topic…but was just trying out ‘Melodics’…which was kind of fun…but seems to use a completely different 4 x 4 pad layout…is there a general ‘universal’ pad layout…and what have been your reasons with going with your custom version? Just curious! Thanks.

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Well the short answer is that my pad layout is a layout that is designed to be used for drumming. The sounds are layed out in a way that you can easily play common drum beats. That’s the reason the kick snare and hi hat are in two vertical rows next to each other.

The melodics or “standard” layout is what people would generally load into their mpc. Kick on pad 1, snare on pad 2, hi hat on pad 3. Nobody assigned those pads with actual playing in mind. It’s just the first 3 things you come up with when you think of drums so you put them on the first 3 pads and then put some cool samples on the other pads. And then you go and make some awesome hiphop :slight_smile:

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Thanks Robert… I’ll certainly stick with your well thought out system…

Really don’t have any interest in that hip hop genre of music making… Especially as a teenager of the 80s!

It looks like Melodics lets you change the pad layout after a certain level… Not sure how effective it really is in teaching how to actually drum… But was fun to try for a bit

Thanks again.

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Old thread that helped me out with the aftertouch chokes, but while I’m here:

“how do you tell if the stage is level?”
“the drool comes out of both sides of the drummers mouth”

“whats the difference between a drummer and a drum machine?”
“you only have to punch the information into a drum machine once”

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Glad that was helpful Bill! It’s interesting to see these threads revived sometimes on topics that I’ve since forgotten about… but still helpful! Thanks for the drummer jokes… I like the stage is level one! Poor drummers… I’m mainly a keyboard player so I’m sure there is some of there about them sitting invisible out the back while the lead guitarists go for the glory!

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