Your favorite AD2 ADPacks

Are there particular ADPacks you really like and use most frequently? Or are there some that add particularly much to versatility?

I personally like the Funk Kit and Fairfax v2 a lot.

The Reel Maschines ADPack I found a bit disappointing, something like Session Percussion feels a better fit to me. If you want e-drum sounds, then using samples gives you more flexibility. I wish that AD2 had some sample loading, but that’s probably why they also have XO.

  • I like the hi hats from “Black Velvet” a lot.
  • The sound of the Indie kit is very useful.
  • Vintage dry came in handy quite a lot.
  • The retroplex, blue oyster, black oyster duo is a lot of fun to play with. The retroplex is this weird thing where it sounds crappy but still in a fun way.

Kits I’ve bought but never really used:

  • Soul R&B
  • The standard Pop kit
  • United Heavy
  • United Pop
  • Boutique mallets
  • Reel machines indeed also not much used
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I don’t have AD2, but if you use you might find this presents useful. They are free at the moment

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