Splash in Addictive Drums

I bought 3 sets of Addictive Drums as recommended here - Black Oyster, Fairfax vol 1 and Funk. I’m trying to find a splash cymbal and I see that I don’t have a license for any of those cymbals. Am I missing something?
It’s disappointing to pay that much and not get even one splash

Hey Yoni, I looked and indeed a real small splash cymbal does not seem to be a part of any of those three kits.

Of the kit I own that do have a splash I found: Black Velvet, Session Percussion and the standard Pop kit.

Session percussion I think is a nice kit because it’s truly different from a normal drum kit which might be nice for variety. Plus then you got yourself a splash. I would wait for a sale though, you usually can get 40% off or more and my guess is xln audio will do a spring sale at the end of march.

A workaround for somewhat of a splashy sound might be to take a china cymbal from the fairfax 1 kit, then pitch it up and make the volume envelope a little shorter maybe?

Ooh, that’s a creative workaround. Tried that, the pitch shift makes the sound a bit distorted, but I guess it’s good enough for now. Thanks!

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Certainly wait for the Black Friday sales…I ended up buying the 6 pack at that time…mind you even with that there is always more variations I wouldn’t mind! The kits I have are:
Fairfax 1
Black Oyster
Bouritque Mallets
Modern Jazz Brushes

(tried to get a good range of sounds!)

Still have two to ‘spend’ in their store…and after reading this post think I’ll lock in:
Session Percussion
Black Velvet

Espeically after reading Robert’s comment about the ‘splash’!

The other nice thing is the additional ‘Kit pieces’ in the Black Friday deal…which gave 6 pieces…so that gives a couple more Kicks and Snares for variety.

Hopefully they’ll have another Black Friday deal later in the year for you…was half price from memory. All the best with it!

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