New Home Studio / Q4G Student / Studying audio production

Hello everyone!

I recently assembled a pretty decent home studio. So far it has been a lot of fun learning the process of recording, mixing and mastering.

After purchasing some drum pads, I came across the Quest For Groove website and was very impressed at how natural Rob was able to make the pads sound. After watching the free courses here, I was inspired and confident enough to make an attempt at building a song from scratch in a DAW. I have also recently signed up for a year of Quest for Groove courses and am looking forward to learning more here.

So lets see, my equipment set up is:

M-Audio Air
Maschine Mk2
Akai MPD 218 & Miniplay
Yamaha analog 10 channel mixer if I need more inputs.
I7 3820 @3.6ghz 32gb RAM
Cakewalk DAW

I have no gear for video yet, but here is a pic of my home studio so far…

And my first attempt at building a song in a DAW is a cover song from Bad Religion, Turn on the light.
Midi Drums, 4 guitars, 2 direct with plugins, 2 amp’d and mic’d, direct bass, and a few of my friends helping with back up vocals.

Any tips or tricks are welcome!


Welcome to the forum!
Sounds really good! Also, a nice setup you have there!

This is the way to do it! You will slowly accumulate more and more gear and improve your skillset.

From my personal experience I found that these things helped me a lot:

  • You don’t need an endless amount of plugins. Better to learn to use a couple of them very well.
  • Acoustic panels make a huge difference. When you have the chance, see if you can get some from GIK acoustics or something. They’re fat and big, but they actually work.
  • On top of that, Sonarworks room correction is a true blessing in small spaces. Makes it possible to make a mix that translates because you neutralized a lot of problem frequencies in your room.

Yeah… that’s it. The sky is the limit :slight_smile: