Maschine Mikro - are there regional differences?

Amazon often has cheaper prices than traditional music stores and whilst I try to support stores as much as I can, sometimes the price difference is a lot. Eg at the moment, the Mikro is AUD$317.40 and it’s coming from Amazon UK to Australia. Other than one store that did have them at $319 recently, most stores have recently put up prices and they seem to start at $359 up to $399 (full RRP in Australia).

Just wondering if anyone is aware of any regional differences they may have?

I probably won’t be getting one for a couple of months yet so might get luck with some EOFY specials.

I have no idea about specific regional differences. I do notice that Amazon has these sudden temporary price drops quite often. Have not seen them with pad controllers but recently when buying an external HDD it suddenly dropped 40% on amazon. 4 days later price was back to normal.

My guess is nowadays on stores like amazon there are some serious algorithms at work, (dare I say A.I. ?)

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Thanks Rob. They certainly don’t have standard prices that’s for sure. Some guitar strings I bought a year ago (maybe more) on Amazon, showed up in my suggested items and even mentioned I’d bought them before. I looked at other string gauges and none of them were discounted. Guessing they’re telling me it’s time to change strings again :upside_down_face: