Maschine Micro Mk3 - Regular Sales?

I’m just starting to explore the world of finger drumming. I already have a Korg MicroKEY Air 25, but I’d like to try a pad controller. Native Instruments currently have a sale for another few days where they have the Mikro for $329 (AUD) instead of the regular $399. They are also offering 10 expansions that you get via email once you register the device. It’s unclear if you have to register by a certain date and postage to Australia is 6-8 working days.

Whilst I’ve seen a few retail stores have it for less than $399, only a couple have it for the $329 but neither have it in stock.

I don’t really have the cash at the moment, but not sure if they regularly discount the Mikro and/or offer the 10 expansions?

As far as I know actual sales on hardware are very rare. And usually it’s the shop itself that does these. So not Native instruments themselves, but your local music shop might do a 10% off discount thing sometimes.

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I haven’t seen the Micro Mk3 on it, but if you live in the right region, Native Instruments does sell refurbished b-ware for a good price here: Native Instruments GmbH Direct | Reverb

This is how I got my Maschine Mk3


Thanks @Robert_Mathijs and @Fannon. The current NI sale covers a lot of items on their site. I emailed asking about a specific date I’d need to register the device by to get the 10 free expansions, but they haven’t replied yet. I don’t think the sale is region specific as the Google result initially shows me a price of $199 which I presume is the US price.

It’s really difficult to see “normal” pricing in Australia as retailers often claim very different amounts. Eg, some have the Mikro normal price as $445, but NI website and others have it as $399.

Not sure about buying through Reverb, the link did recognise me as being in Australia and asked if I’d like local pricing and my delivery region. Most recent reviews seem to be for the big Maschine or Maschine+.

I nearly bought it, but got part way through the process and NI website warned me I’d be up for taxes and duties once the product hit Australia. It’s unclear if that was a generic comment as from what I understand, they are required by our local laws to collect as they were selling in our currency. Didn’t want to risk it as it would have probably made it full price.

I’ll just keep my eyes open and maybe I’ll get a sale closer to my birthday :upside_down_face:

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Hi, I’ve just started out. I’m based in the UK and bought a second hand mikro mk 3 for £74 plus a few pounds postage. That equates to 142 Aus dollars or 94 US dollars. It was in A1 condition when I received it. I know eBay can be hit and miss but if you’re careful you can get a bargain. I reckon loads of people buy them new to use with Native Instruments/Komplete/Maschine software and just give up. What I would advise though is if you’re buying the Micro Mk3 second hand you should try and ensure you get the seller to transfer the registration because it won’t work without the NI software. Apparently it is possible to sort something out with Native Instruments but I wouldn’t want to risk it.

It really is brilliant pad controller for drumming. Thank you Robert for the recommendation.


Nice :+1:
I just looked on one of the common second hand sites here and there were 2 of them both advertised at $299 AUD. Stupid price and both from a second hand dealer so unlikely to be able to transfer the licence so loses quite a bit of value.

I’ll keep an eye open for second hand and sales :slightly_smiling_face:. The NI sale was good with the included expansions and they will probably have another.

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Agree, too much for second hand Duncan. And as you suggest if dealer has registration he would include in advert. Good luck with your pursuit of good controller at good price. Cheers


Yeah, I tried an ebay Mikro listed as open box first and sure enough it had already been registered. I think it might be defective too: powers up but then the pad lights are stuck in a wonky config. The seller refunded me and said to keep it or trash it but NI hasn’t given me hope of bringing it back to life.

And you know from my other thread that I’m upgrading from the new Mikro I got from NI during their sale to a mk3.