Launchpad X - Double Hits - Faulty device or player?

Hello - I have a new Launchpad X and am getting double hits occasionally. Wondering how to tell if it’s the device or my poor tapping. Would like to understand if returning it is worth the effort.

I have a Launchpad X - I don’t normally experience issues with double hits. There have been a few times where it seemed to occur more often and I seemed to find it helpful to unplug it and plug it back in.

Technique could come into play if you haven’t you might test if hitting the pads more squarely or more on the corners and see if one or the other consistently double triggers. Could try decreasing the velocity curve setting too if you haven’t. Might try Medium if it is set to High?

Beyond those things, if it is certain pads that still consistently double hit frequently where others don’t that is probably where I would consider returning if it is too problematic.

njang - thanks for response. I have noticed it occasionally but not consistently enough to determine if it is a certain button as I have been working mostly in the lower left 4x4 grid. I think my hits have been consistent but got the odd double hit both in Ableton and Melodics which actually shows on the screen.

I will keep working with it and if I can identify a pattern I will reach out to Novation.

Velocity is set to medium. I did see a suggestion to turn off aftertouch but I don’t want to do that yet.

The most important thing to do first is update the firmware to the latest version. Novation has actually contacted me and told me the latest firmware update eliminates double notes from the launchpad x. Or at least reduces the amount a lot.

Let us know if you have the latest firmware and if it still occurs!

Turns out the firmware update needs to be done using Components. I think it helped a bit for me.

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Yes Novation informed me that the firmware update fixes this problem. If its not gone completely, try also turning off Aftertouch in the launchpad menu. That might help a little bit extra!

Hi, thanks for responding… the update seems to have helped. Perhaps my technique is also improving

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