Gap Click on Mac OS

In case this is useful: the Gap Click iOS app (that Rob recommends) works on a Mac with an Apple Silicon processor (and Mac OS Sonoma). The App Store warns that it’s not verified on Mac OS, but I took the risk and paid my $2.99 and it works fine.

I didn’t have a way to use the app on my phone or iPad while playing with headphones hooked up to my Mac, but it works fine for me, and is a lot more convenient for a quick five-minutes practice than firing up my DAW!


Hey that’s awesome! On older (intel) Macs it indeed does not work. I have a 2021 Intel Mac and cannot install the program. I guess it has two do with the M1 chip that is basically an iPhone/iPad chip which makes it able to run these iOS apps.

Still a good thing for the near future when I upgrade :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! I scanned your message and did not notice you specified M1 chips :slight_smile:

I can confirm this - works on my M1, not on my Intel.


Brill, bought the app and use it on my phone but like you say could really do with getting it on my computer. How just bought M2 mini so should work on that. Will give it a go. Cheers

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