Fingerdrumming with Garageband?

Hi Robert! I am entirely new to finger drumming. I read your recommendation for software and hardware, but I have still two questions left open:

  1. Is addictive drums a standalone software (too)? Or do I have to add it as a plugin in ableton to finger drum?
  2. Is it possible to use the MK3 with Garageband for Mac or iPad to get something up to practice?

I thank you a lot for your very good videos and your help in this forum. :blush:

I think I can answer my first question: It is mentioned on the AD Website:

VST, AU, AAX (64-bit)
Standalone Application (Windows and macOS)

If I may ask: Which set of drums should I buy as a beginner?

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Hey, welcome!

  1. Yes it’s standalone :slight_smile:
  2. It shoudl be possible to drum in garageband. I think the most important “condusion” here is that a “drummer” track is not what you need. You need a software instrument track and the instrument should be drums :slight_smile: You want to play yourself right, not have a computer drummer do the work.

These instructions should apply to drum I think: Record software instruments in GarageBand on Mac - Apple Support

If you’re messing around with this and it doesn’t seem to work let me know, I will install garageband and have a look for myself real quick.