Akai mkd 226 232 vs Mikro?

Hi All
Just about to buy the recommended Maschine Mikro mk3…

But noted the two Akais have sliders…

Which could have been useful to me for controlling vst expressions in my other vsts like orchestral instruments etc

But maybe it is a case of focusing on what I primarily want the pads for… Drumming

Has anyone here compared those Akais? Are they that much worse… Quality control a big problem?

Thanks for any thoughts!


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At the moment the Maschine mikro mk3 seems to have better quality control, although I’m actually in the middle of ordering a brand new maschine mikro mk3 to see if the recently produced units are also still good.

The big knob on the mikro as well as the touch bar might also be enough to control vst expressions.

With all that said, if you can return the unit, you might want to try out an mpd226 first and see how you like the pads. I personally owned an mpd226 that was nice and responsive and a year later I bought another one that completely sucked. Recently I bought two mpd218s that responded very well… so it’s a bit of a gamble but if there’s no real financial risk in it for you, you might as well try and get an mpd 226 first and then maybe pivot to the maschine mikro if it turns out to be a bummer.

Thanks Robert… Decided to go with the Mikro…I figure I’m buying this for drums… Not as an expression pedal slider… So best to go with the quality option and your clear recommendation.

(Will look into something else purpose built for expression sliders)

Thanks again . Watching tutorials now on all manner of drumming… Interestingly a lot of the Worship stuff I listen to seems achievable

Quite like the simple percussion on ‘Gewagte liebe’ (Urban life version) on YouTube… So aiming to emulate that.


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