Gotta ask one more time about Mikro mk3 vs mpd218

I have MPD218 now but there is so much good that I heard about Mikro mk3.
With only one or two sentences: how would you describe the differences of these controllers?

Extra points if you have some allegory in it :stuck_out_tongue:


Mikro mk3 has bigger pads that seem to respond to lighter touches.

Also it seems that less people complain about getting a bad specimen when buying the mikro mk3. With the mpd218 theres quite a lot of folks out there who were super disappointed with how the pads respond.

So thats basically it. The mpd218 has variable quality and is not quite as sensitive as the mikro mk3.

There have been reports of broken pads on the mikro mk3 as well by the way. I guess there will always be a couple of bad controllers out there but as far as i know upon returning the device a good mikro mk3 would be returned in its place.

With the akai mpd218 it took me 5 controllers to get a good one.


Oh one more thing: I’m currently testing wether I can make an mpd218 with a “bad” pad work better by opening it up and messing with putting some tape on the inside. If that works I might start recommending people who are DIY oriented to maybe get themselves an akai mpd218 and ‘tweak’ it.

But only if they cannot afford the $250 for the mikro because I dont think you can actually tweak the mpd218 to the level that it becomes a mikro mk3.

Ok thank you again. I’m on a short budget atm but maybe I go for mk3 while I still have right to return my Akai.

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Yes getting the Mikro mk3 is the safer option for sure.

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